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      Welcome you YueDa protective film Co., LTD in wuxi city !
      Sales service hotline:0510-8358 7008

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           PE protective film series
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           Dust cloth
      Address: Wuxi Yuqi Zip
      Contact:Wu Jin Fa
      Wuxi yueda Protective Film Co., Ltd. using the latest process equipment, high-quality chemical raw materials, specialized in producing PVC protective film, PE protection film, masking tape, refrigerator foam tape, Aluminum tape, shock-proof tape, etc., are all kinds of metal materials, decorative plates, glass, electronics, household appliances, high-grade furniture, automotive and other industries essential surface protection materials, and is affixed in the transport, processing, storage and use, free from contamination, corrosion,
      供應杭州南京淄博洛陽合肥德州?!?/a> 2011-5-18
      供應常州溫州上海山東徐州不銹鋼… 2011-5-18
      供應蘇州上海吳江山東徐州淮安PE… 2011-5-18
      Dust cloth in the industry use… 2010-9-24
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      Address: Wuxi Yuqi Zip Code:214183 Tel:0510-83587008 Fax:0510-83587085
      Http://www.ibl-markets.com E-mail:sales@js-yueda.com
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